DateValue Function

Returns a Date object from a string representing a date.

The returned object is represented internally as a single numeric value corresponding to the specified date. This value can be used to calculate the number of days between two dates.


  DateValue(date As String)


date: A string that contains the date that will be converted to a Date object.


The string passed to DateValue must be expressed in one of the date formats defined by your locale setting (see - Languages and Locales - General) or using the ISO date format "yyyy-mm-dd" (year, month and day separated by hyphens).

Valor de retorno:


CĂłdigos de erro

5 Chamada de procedemento incorrecta


  Sub ExampleDateValue
      Dim aDate As Date
      aDate = DateValue("2021-12-20")
      ' Prints the localized date
      MsgBox aDate
      ' Extracts the year, month and day from the date object
      MsgBox Year(aDate)
      MsgBox Month(aDate)
      MsgBox Day(aDate)
      ' Prints the numeric value corresponding to the date (as Long type)
      MsgBox CLng(aDate)
  End Sub

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