Input# Statement

Le datos dun ficheiro secuencial aberto.


Input Statement diagram

Input #fileNum {,|;} var1 [, var2 [, ...]]


fileNum: Number of the file that contains the data that you want to read. The file must be opened with the Open statement using the key word INPUT.

var: A numeric or string variable that you assign the values read from the opened file to.

The Input# statement reads numeric values or strings from an open file and assigns the data to one or more variables. A numeric variable is read up to the first carriage return (Asc=13), line feed (Asc=10), space, or comma. String variables are read to up to the first carriage return (Asc=13), line feed (Asc=10), or comma.

Os datos e os tipos de datos do ficheiro aberto deben aparecer na mesma orde que as variábeis pasadas no parámetro «var». Se atribúe valores non numéricos a unha variábel numérica, «var» recibe un valor «0».

Records that are separated by commas cannot be assigned to a string variable. Quotation marks (") in the file are disregarded as well. If you want to read these characters from the file, use the Line Input# statement to read pure text files (files containing only printable characters) line by line.

Se se atinxe a fin do ficheiro durante a lectura dun elemento de datos, prodúcese un erro e abórtase o proceso.


Sub ExampleWorkWithAFile
    Dim iCount As Integer, sFileName As String
    Dim sName As String, sValue As Integer
    sFileName = "C:\Users\ThisUser\data.txt"
    iCount = Freefile
    ' Write data ( which we will read later with Input ) to file
    Open sFileName For Output As iCount
    sName = "Hamburg" : sValue = 200
    Write #iCount, sName, sValue
    sName = "New York" : sValue = 300
    Write #iCount; sName, sValue
    sName = "Miami" : sValue = 459
    Write #iCount, sName, sValue
    Close #iCount
    ' Read data file using Input
    iCount = Freefile
    Open sFileName For Input As iCount
    Input #iCount, sName, sValue
    MsgBox sName & " " & sValue
    Input #iCount; sName, sValue
    MsgBox sName & " " & sValue
    Input #iCount, sName, sValue
    MsgBox sName & " " & sValue
    Close #iCount
End Sub

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