Conversion de code ASCII/ANSI en chaînes de caractères

Les fonctions suivantes convertissent les chaînes de caractères en code ASCII ou ANSI et vice versa.

Asc Function (BASIC)

Renvoie la valeur ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) du premier caractère d'une expression au format chaîne de caractères.

Fonction Chr

Renvoie le caractère correspondant au code de caractère spécifié.

Str Function

The Str function converts the contents of variables into a string. It handles numeric values, dates, strings and currency values.

Positive numbers are preceded by a blank space. Negative numbers are preceded by a minus sign.


For numeric values the string returned by the Str function is locale-independent. Hence the dot is used as the decimal separator when needed.

If a string is passed as argument, it is returned without any changes.

Dates are converted into locale-dependent strings.

Val Function

Use the Val function to convert a string that represents a number into numeric data type.


The string passed to the Val function is locale-independent. This means that commas are interpreted as thousands separators and a dot is used as the decimal separator.

CByte Function

Converts a string or a numeric expression to the Byte type.

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