Valikossa muutetaan asiakirjan taittoa ja sisÀltöÀ muun muassa vÀrin ja koon suhteen.


Opens a submenu where you can choose text formatting commands.


Opens a submenu where you can choose text spacing commands.

Align Text

Set the alignment options for the current text paragraph in its container.

Kopioi muotoilu

Ensin valitaan teksti tai objekti, sitten napsautetaan tÀtÀ Muotoilu-kuvaketta. TÀmÀn jÀlkeen napsautetaan toista tekstiÀ tai vedetÀÀn sen yli tahi napsautetaan toista objektia, johon kÀytetÀÀn samaa muotoilua.

Poista suora muotoilu

Removes direct formatting from the selection.

Spotlight Direct Character Formatting

Spotlights direct character formatting applied in the text.


Vaihdetaan valittujen merkkien fonttia ja fontin muotoilua.


Modifies the format of the current paragraph, such as indents and alignment.


Opens a submenu where you can choose commands to create and work on lists.

Luettelomerkit ja numerointi

Adds numbering or bullets to the current paragraph or to selected paragraphs, and lets you edit format of the numbering or bullets.


The bundling of color, font and format settings is possible under the concept of Theme.

Page Style

Specify the formatting styles and the layout for the current page style, including page margins, headers and footers, and the page background.

Title page

Opens a dialog where you can design a title page.


When comments are present, the character dialog is presented. Changes to font and font formatting are applied to all comments.

Aasialaiset ÀÀntÀmisohjeet

Allows you to add comments next to Asian characters to serve as a pronunciation guide.

These commands can only be accessed after you enable support for Asian languages in - Languages and Locales - General.


MÀÀritetÀÀn palstojen lukumÀÀrÀ ja taitto sivun tyylille, kehykselle tai osalle.


Insert a watermark text in the current page style background.


Changes the properties of sections defined in your document.


Opens a submenu where you can choose commands to manipulate images.

Text Box and Shape

Opens a submenu to edit the properties of the selected textbox or shape.

Frame and Object

Opens a submenu to link and unlink frames, and edit properties of a selected frame.


NimetÀÀn valittu objekti, jolloin objekti löytyy sujuvasti rakenneselaimella.

Alt Text

Assigns a text and an alt text to the selected object. These texts are available as alternative tags in your document for use by accessibility tools. They are also available as tags for images when you export the document.


Shows anchoring options for the selected object.


Specify the way you want text to wrap around an object. You can also specify the spacing between the text and the object.


Changes the stacking order of the selected object(s).

Rotate or Flip

Opens a submenu where you can rotate or flip a selected shape or image. Text boxes can only be rotated.


Ryhmittely pitÀÀ valitut objektit yhdessÀ, niin ettÀ niitÀ voi siirtÀÀ tai muokata yhtenÀ objektina.

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