Adds a numbered caption to a selected image, table, chart, frame, or shape. You can also access this command by right-clicking the item that you want to add the caption to.

Toiminnon käyttäminen:


Choose Insert - Caption

From the context menu:

Choose Insert Caption

Välilehdellisestä käyttöliittymästä:

Choose Image - Caption.


Icon Insert Caption

Insert Caption


Type the text that you want to appear after the caption category and caption number.


Tehdään nykyisen valinnan kuvatekstiasetukset.


Select the caption category, or type a name to create a new category. The category text appears before or after the caption number, depending on the Caption order setting in Options. Captions made with a predefined caption category are formatted with a paragraph style with the same name as the category. For example, captions made with the “Illustration” caption category are formatted with the “Illustration” paragraph style.


Select the type of numbering that you want to use in the caption. The selection is also applied to any previous captions in the category.

After number

Enter optional text characters to appear between numbering and category. Only active when Numbering first is selected for Caption order in Options.

Before caption

Enter optional text characters to appear after the caption category and number and before the caption text. These characters are not inserted if no caption text is given.


Lisätään kuvateksti valitun kohteen ylä- tai alapuolelle. Tämä vaihtoehto on käytettävissä vain joillekin objekteille.


Opens the Options dialog, where it is possible to customize the appearance of the caption label. You can choose to add a heading number to the caption number, add a character style to the caption category and number, and choose the order of the caption category and caption number.

Automaattiset otsikot

Opens the AutoCaption dialog. This is the same dialog you get by Tools - Options - LibreOffice Writer - AutoCaption. Changes to this dialog do not affect the inserted caption for the current selection.

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