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Insert rows above or below the active cell.

Poista sisältö

Inserts columns to the left or to the right of the active cell.

Insert Page Break

This command inserts manual row or column breaks to ensure that your data prints properly. You can insert a horizontal page break above, or a vertical page break to the left of, the active cell.

Delete Cells

Completely deletes selected cells, columns or rows. The cells below or to the right of the deleted cells will fill the space. Note that the selected delete option is stored and reloaded when the dialog is next called.

Delete Page Break

Choose the type of page break that you want to delete.


Automatically fills cells with content.

Deleting Contents

Specifies the contents to be deleted from the active cell or from a selected cell range. If several sheets are selected, all selected sheets will be affected.

Lisää tai kopioi taulukko

Moves or copies a sheet to a new location in the document or to a different document.

Näytä taulukko

Displays sheets that were previously hidden with the Hide Sheets command.

Poista taulukko

Deletes the current sheet after query confirmation.

Sheet Tab Color

Opens a window where you can assign a color to the sheet tab.

Taulukon tapahtumat

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