Sub instrukzioa

Azpierrutina bat definitzen du.


Sub or Function statements are similar methods, without distinction. They receive parameters by reference allowing them to be modified. LibreOffice Basic compiler accepts their respective syntax to be used interchangeably.


Sub instrukzioaren diagrama

[Private | Public] Sub name[(argument1 [As typename][, argument2[char][,...]])]
    ' instrukzioak
    [Exit Sub]
    ' instrukzioak
End Sub


Izena: Azpierrutinaren izena.

argumentuak: Azpierrutinari pasatuko zaizkion aukerako parametroak.

argument fragment

argument fragment

      {[Optional [ByRef|ByVal]]|ParamArray} argument {{As typename|char}[ = expression]|[()]As Variant}

Optional: The argument is not mandatory.

ByRef: The argument is passed by reference. ByRef is the default.

ByVal: The argument is passed by value. Its value can be modified by the called routine.

char: Type declaration character.

typename: Primitive data type name. Library or module defined types can also be specified.

= expression: Specify a default value for the argument, matching its declared type. Optional is necessary for each argument specifying a default value.

ParamArray: Use ParamArray when the number of parameters is undetermined. A typical scenario is that of a Calc user-defined function. Using ParamArray should be limited to the last argument of a routine.


UsingParamArray or = expression require Option Compatible to be placed before the executable program code in a module.


When using Option VBASupport 1, Optional arguments with no default value (= expression) are initialized according to their data type, except if Variant.

typename fragment

primitive data types fragment

char fragment

type declaration characters

      { % | & | ! | # | $ | @ }


Sub ExampleExit
Dim sReturn As String
Dim sListArray(10) As String
Dim siStep As Single
    For siUrratsa = 0 to 10 ' Bete matrizea probako datuekin
        sListArray(siStep) = chr$(siStep + 65)
        MsgBox sListArray(siStep)
    Next siStep
    sReturn = LinSearch(sListArray(), "B")
    Print sReturn
End Sub
Function LinSearch( sList(), sItem As String ) As Integer
Dim iCount As Integer
' BilaketaLerroa-k SarreraTestua:sZerrenda() bilatzen du TestuSarrerantzat:
' Itzulera-balioa sarrerako indizea edo 0 (Null) da
    For iCount=1 To Ubound( sList() )
        If sList( iCount ) = sItem Then
            Exit For ' sElementua aurkituta
        End If
    Next iCount
    If iCount = Ubound( sList() ) Then iCount = 0
    LinSearch = iCount
End Function

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