NÀitab kÔiki tekstidokumendis asuvate tabelite lisamiseks ja redigeerimiseks vajalikke kÀske.

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From the menu bar:

Choose Table.

Lisa tabel

Lisab uue tabeli.


Opens a submenu to insert rows and columns.


Opens a submenu to delete columns, rows and the entire table.


Opens a submenu to select cells, columns, rows and the whole table.


Opens a submenu to resize columns and rows.

Merge Cells

Combines the contents of the selected cells into a single cell, retaining the formatting of the first cell in the selection.

Split Cells

Displays the Split Cells Dialog where the split can be defined as either horizontally or vertically and the number the each cell will be split into.

Ühenda tabel

Combines two consecutive tables into a single table. The tables must be directly next to each other and not separated by an empty paragraph.

TĂŒkelda tabel

TĂŒkeldab aktiivse tabeli kursori kohalt kaheks erinevaks tabeliks. Sama kĂ€su vĂ”ib leida ka tabeli lahtri kontekstimenĂŒĂŒst.

Protect Cells

Prevents the contents of the selected cells from being modified.

Eemalda kaitse

Removes the cell protection for all selected cells in the current table.

AutoFormat Styles

Use this command to apply an AutoFormat to a selected or to define your own AutoFormats.

Number Recognition

Toggles the setting for automatically recognizing numbers or dates that you enter into a table cell, converting them from text to an appropriate number format.

Header Rows Repeat Across Pages

Repeat a table header on each new page that the table spans.

Row to Break Across Pages

Allows a page break or column break inside a row of the table. This option is not applied to the first row in a table if the Repeat Heading option is selected.


Opens a submenu to convert a text to a table or a table to text.

Edit Formula

Opens the Formula bar to create and insert calculations into a text document.


Sordib valitud lÔigud vÔi tabeliread tÀhestiku vÔi nummerduse alusel. MÀÀrata saab kuni kolm sortimisvÔtit ja kombineerida tÀrk- ja numbrilisi sortimisvÔtmeid.


Specifies the properties of the selected table, for example, name, alignment, spacing, column width, borders, and background.

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