Send merged document as email

Sends the mail merge output as email messages to all or some recipients.

Email options


Select the database field that contains the email address of the recipient.


Opens the Copy To dialog where you can specify one or more CC or BCC addresses.


Enter the subject line for the email messages.

Send as

Select the mail format for the email messages.

Märkuse ikoon

The Plain text and HTML message formats are sent in the body of the message, whereas the *.odt, *.doc, and *.pdf formats are sent as attachments.


Opens the Email Message dialog where you can enter the email message for the mail merge files that are sent as attachments.

Name of the attachment

Näitab manuse nime.

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Send all documents

Select to send emails to all recipients.


Selects a range of records starting at the record number in the From box and ending at the record number in the To box.


Sisesta kirjakoostesse esimesena kaasatava kirje järjekorranumber.


Sisesta kirjakoostesse viimasena kaasatava kirje järjekorranumber.

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Click to start sending emails.

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