Edit Fields (variables)

Edit field contents.

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Choose Edit Fields of the context menu of the selected field.


Shows the type of the selected field.


Lists the available fields for the field type selected in the Type list. To insert a field, click the field, and then click Insert.


Klõpsa vormingul mida soovid valitud väljale rakendada või klõpsa "Lisavormingud" kohandatud vormingu määramiseks.


Hides the field contents in the document. The field is inserted as a thin gray mark in the document. This option is only available for the "Set Variable" and "User Field" field types.


Enter the contents that you want to add to a user-defined field.


Adds the user-defined field to the Select list.

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Arrow buttons

Use the arrow buttons to go to next or previous field of same type in the document.


When visible, opens a dialog to edit the contents of the field. The dialog depends on the type of the field.

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