Mail Merge Email

Specifies the user information and server settings for when you send form letters as email messages.

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Open a text document, choose - LibreOffice Writer - Mail Merge Email.


Enter the user information to use when you send email.

Sinu nimi

Sisesta oma nimi.

Email address

Enter your email address for replies.

Send replies to different email address

Uses the email address that you enter in the Reply address text box as the reply-to email address.


Enter the address to use for email replies.

Outgoing Email Server (SMTP Only)

Specify the server settings for outgoing emails.

Serveri nimi

Sisesta SMTP-serveri nimi.


Sisesta SMTP-serveri port.

Kasutatakse turvalist ühendust

When available, uses a secure connection to send emails.

Serveris autentimine

Opens the Server Authentication dialog where you can specify the server authentication settings for secure email.

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