Andmebaasi registreerimine ja kustutamine

Data from any database file can be registered to the installed instance of LibreOffice. To register means to tell LibreOffice where the data is located, how it is organized, how to get that data, and more. Once the database is registered, you can use the menu command View - Data source to access the data records from your text documents and spreadsheets.

Olemasoleva andmebaasifaili registreerimiseks:

  1. Vali - LibreOffice Base - Andmebaasid.

  2. Klõpsa Uus ja vali andmebaasifail.

Registreeritud andmebaasi eemaldamiseks LibreOffice'ist

  1. Vali - LibreOffice Base - Andmebaasid.

  2. Vali andmebaas ja klõpsa Kustuta.

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