Andmebaasi akna menüü Fail. Näidatud on ainult andmebaasispetsiifilised elemendid.


Saves the current database file, query, form or report. For the database file, you see the file save dialog. For the other objects, you see the Save dialog.

Salvesta kui

Saves the current database file with another name. In the file save dialog, select a path and file name to save.


Exports the selected report or form to a text document. A dynamic report is exported as a copy of the database contents at the time of export.


Opens a submenu.

Dokument e-postiga

Opens the default e-mail application to send a new e-mail. The current database file is appended as an attachment. You can enter the subject, the recipients and a mail body.

Aruanne e-mailina

Avab vaikimisi meiliprogrammi uue kirja saatmiseks. Valitud aruanne on lisatud manusesse. Sina saad lisada pealkirja, vastuvõtjad ning kirja sisu. Dünaamiline aruanne eksporditakse kui andmebaasi sisu hetkeseisu koopia.

Aruanne tekstidokumenti

Ekspordib valitud aruande tekstidokumenti. DĂĽnaamiline aruanne eksporditakse kui andmebaasi sisu hetkeseisu koopia.

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