Grupi elemendi loomise nÔustaja

The Group Element Wizard starts automatically when you insert a Group Box into a document.

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In form design, click the Group Box icon on the toolbar
and use the mouse to create a frame.

Grupi elemendi loomise nÔustaja: andmed

Specifies which option fields are contained inside the group box.

Grupi elemendi loomise nÔustaja: vaikimisi vÀlja valimine

Determines that you want one option field to be selected as the default choice.

Grupi elemendi loomise nÔustaja: vÀlja vÀÀrtused

Assigns a reference value to each option field.

Grupi elemendi loomise nÔustaja: andmebaasi vÀli

This page is only visible if the document is linked to a database. It specifies whether the reference values should be saved in the database.

Grupi elemendi loomise nÔustaja: valikugrupi loomine

MÀÀrab valikugrupi sildi.


KlĂ”ps nupul Loobu sulgeb dialoogi, salvestamata ĂŒhtegi tehtud muudatust.


NÀitab dialoogi lÀbimise eelmisel sammul tehtud valikuid. Aktiivseid sÀtteid ei muudeta. See nupp on aktiivne alates dialoogi teisest lehest.


Click the Next button, and the wizard uses the current dialog settings and proceeds to the next step. If you are on the last step, this button becomes Create.


Loob objekti.

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