HTML-vormingusse eksportimine - leht 3

Specifies the graphics type and the target screen resolution.

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LibreOffice Draw or LibreOffice Impress menu File - Export, select HTML file type, page 3 of the wizard.

Piltide salvestamise vorming

Determines the image format. You can also define the compression value for the export.

PNG - Portable Network Graphics (bittgraafika standardvorming)

Failid eksporditakse PNG-vormingus. PNG- failid tihendatakse ilma andmekadudeta ja võivad sisaldada üle 256 värvitooni.

GIF - Graphics Interchange Format

The files are exported as GIF files. GIF files are compressed without loss of data, and have a maximum of 256 colors.

JPG - pakitud failivorming

The files are exported as JPEG files. JPEG files are compressed, with adjustable compression and can contain more than 256 colors.


Specifies the compression factor of the JPEG graphic. A 100% value offers the best quality for a large data range. The 25% factor indicates small files with inferior image quality.

Kuvari eraldusvõime

Defines the resolution for the target screen. Depending on the selected resolution, the image will be displayed in a reduced size. You can specify a reduction of up to 80% from the original size.

Madal eraldusvõime (640x480 pikslit)

Select the low resolution to keep the file size small, even for presentations with many slides.

Keskmine eraldusvõime (800x600 pikslit)

Vali keskmise suurusega esituse jaoks keskmine eraldusvõime.

Kõrge eraldusvõime (1024x768 pikslit)

Vali kõrge kvaliteediga slaidide jaoks kõrge eraldusvõime.


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