This General tab enables you to define the general properties of a form control. These properties differ, depending on the control type. Not all of the following properties are available for every control.

Selle käsu kasutamiseks...

Open context menu of a selected form element - choose Control - General tab.

Open Form Controls toolbar or Form Design toolbar, click Control icon - General tab.

Märkuse ikoon

If you export the current form document to HTML format, the default control values are exported, not the current control values. Default values are determined - depending on the type of control - by the properties' Default value (for example, in text fields), Default status (for check boxes and option fields), and Default selection (for list boxes).


Specifies a batch label in URL spelling which refers to a help document and which can be called with the help of the control field. The help for the control field help can be opened if the focus is positioned on the control field and the user presses F1.


Provides the option of entering a help text that will be displayed as a tip on the control. The tip shows the text in user mode when the mouse is moved over the control.

For URL type buttons, the help text appears as the extended tip instead of the URL address entered under URL.


In each control field you can specify additional information or a descriptive text for the control field. This property helps the programmer to save additional information that can be used in the program code. This field can be used, for example, for variables or other evaluation parameters.

Aja vorming

You can define the desired format for the time display.


Määrab, kuhu juhtelement ankurdatakse.


The AutoFill function displays a list of previous entries after you start to type an entry.


Specifies to show or hide the filtering and sorting items in a selected Navigation bar control. Filtering and sorting items are the following: Sort ascending, Sort descending, Sort, Automatic filter, Default filter, Apply filter, Reset filter/sort.


For control fields which have visible text or titles, select the display font that you want to use. To open the Font dialog, click the ... button. The selected font is used in control fields names and to display data in table control fields.

Hiirerattaga kerimine

Sets whether the value changes when the user scrolls a mouse wheel. Never: No change of the value. When focused: (default) The value changes when the control has the focus and the wheel is pointing at the control and gets scrolled. Always: The value changes when the wheel is pointing at the control and gets scrolled, no matter which control has the focus.

Ikooni suurus

Specifies whether the icons in a selected Navigation bar should be small or large.

Joondus / Piltide joondus

The alignment options are left-aligned, right-aligned, and centered. These options are available for the following elements:

  1. Title of Label fields,

  2. Content of text fields,

  3. Content of table fields in the columns of a table control,

  4. Graphics or text that are used in buttons.

    Märkuse ikoon

    Valikut Joondus nimetatakse nuppude korral valikuks Pildi joondus.


Numerical fields, currency fields, date and time fields can be introduced as spin buttons in the form.


Adds the scrollbar type that you specify to a text box.

Kerimisriba vaikeväärtus

Sets the default value for the scrollbar.

Kirje marker

Specifies whether the first column is displayed with row labels, in which the current record is marked by an arrow.


The "Read-only" property can be assigned to all controls in which the user can enter text. If you assign the read-only property to an image field which uses graphics from a database, the user will not be able to insert new graphics into the database.

Klõpsamisel haara fookus

If you set this option to "Yes", the Push button receives the focus when you click the button.


Specifies whether a check box can also represent ZERO values of a linked database apart from the TRUE and FALSE values. This function is only available if the database accepts three states: TRUE, FALSE and ZERO.

Märkuse ikoon

The "Tristate" property is only defined for database forms, not for HTML forms.

Komakohtade täpsus

With numerical and currency fields you can determine the number of digits displayed to the right of the decimal point.


Specifies if the action of a control such as a spin button repeats when you click the control and hold the mouse button down.


With date fields you can determine the format for the date readout.

Märkuse ikoon

Kõik vorminguväljad (kuupäev, kellaaeg, valuuta, number) vormindatakse sõltumata sisestusviisist automaatselt valitud vormingusse kohe pärast nendest väljumist.


Määrab juhtelemendi kõrguse.


Sets the column width in the table control field in the units that are specified in the LibreOffice module options. If you want, you can enter a value followed by a valid measurement unit, for example, 2 cm.


Määrab juhtelemendi laiuse.


Specifies to show or hide the navigation items in a selected Navigation bar control. Navigation items are the following: First record, Previous record, Next record, Last record.


Please note the tips referring to the keyboard controls.

Eelmääratud loendi vaikekirje lisatakse liitboksi Vaikevalik.

Märkuse ikoon

Arvesta, et siin lisatud loendikirjed lisatakse vormile vaid siis, kui kaardi Andmed väljal Loendi sisu tüüp on valitud valik "Väärtuseloend".

Kui sa ei soovi loendikirjeid andmebaasi kirjutada ega veebivormi adressaadile edastada, vaid hoopis vormis nähtamatuid väärtusei, saad määrata loendikirjed väärtuseloendi muudele väärtustele. Väärtuseloend on määratud kaardil Andmed. Vali sektsioonis Loendi sisu tüüp valik "Väärtuseloend". Seejärel sisesta väärtused sektsiooni Loendi sisu, mis määratakse vormi vastavatele nähtavatele loendikirjetele. Õige määramise jaoks on oluline väärtuseloendi järjestus.

Märkuse ikoon

HTML-dokumentide jaoks vastab kaardile Üldine lisatud loendikirje HTML-sildile <OPTION>; kaardi Andmed väljale Loendi sisu lisatud väärtuseloendi kirje vastab sildile <OPTION VALUE=...>.


If a control field has the property "Enabled" (Yes), the form user can use the control field. Otherwise (No), it is disabled and greyed out.


Specifies if a Push button behaves as a Toggle Button. If you set Toggle to "Yes", you can switch between the "selected" and "not selected" control states when you click the button or press the Spacebar while the control has the focus. A button in the "selected" state appears "pressed in".

Maks. kerimisväärtus

Määra kerimisriba maksimaalne väärtus.

Min. kerimisväärtus

Määra kerimisriba minimaalne väärtus.

Mitmene valik

Allows you to select more than one item in a list box.


Specifies whether to display the Navigation bar on the lower border of the table control.


Each control field and each form has a "Name" property through which it can be identified. The name will appear in the Form Navigator and, using the name, the control field can be referred to from a macro. The default settings already specify a name which is constructed from using the field's label and number.

Märkuse ikoon

Makrodega töötamisel tuleb jälgida, et juhtelementide nimed oleksid unikaalsed.

The name is also used to group different controls that belong together functionally, such as radio buttons. To do so, give the same name to all members of the group: controls with identical names form a group. Grouped controls can be represented visually by using a Group Box.


Määrab, kas juhtelement on otserežiimis nähtaval. Kujundusrežiimis on juhtelement alati nähtaval.

Arvesta, et kui selle omaduse väärtuseks on seatud "Jah", ei tähenda see otseselt, et juhtelement kuvatakse tegelikult kuval. Juhtelemendi tegeliku nähtavuse arvutamisel kehtivad lisapiirangud. Näiteks Writeris peidetud sektsiooni paigutatud juhtelement pole üldse nähtaval, välja arvatud kui sektsioon ise muutub nähtavaks.

Kui omaduse väärtuseks on seatud "Ei", on juhtelement otserežiimis alati peidetud.

OpenOffice.org-i vanemad versioonid kuni versioonini 3.1 eiravad seda omadust kasutavate dokumentide lugemisel seda omadust vaikimisi.

Nähtav suurus

Specifies the size of scrollbar thumb in "value units". A value of ("Scroll value max." minus "Scroll value min." ) / 2 would result in a thumb which occupies half of the background area.

If set to 0, then the thumb's width will equal its height.


Specifies to show or hide the positioning items in a selected Navigation bar control. Positioning items are the following: Record label, Record position, Record count label, Record count.


You can also specify the target frame to display a URL that you open when you click a button that has been assigned to the "Open document or web page" action.

Väljal klõpsamisel saad valida loendis valiku, mis määrab, mis paneeli tuleks järgmine dokument laadida. Saadaval on järgmised võimalused.




Järgmine dokument luuakse uuel tühjal paneelil.


Järgmine dokument luuakse põhipaneelil. Kui põhipaneel puudub, luuakse dokument samal paneelil.


Järgmine dokument luuakse samal paneelil.


Järgmine dokument luuakse ülataseme aknas - hierarhia ülemisel paneelil; kui praegune paneel on juba ülataseme aken, luuakse dokument praegusel paneelil.

Märkuse ikoon

The "Frame" property is relevant for HTML forms, but not for database forms.


If the user enters a password, you can determine the characters that will be displayed instead of the characters typed by the user. Under Password character, enter the ASCII code of the desired character. You can use the values from 0 to 255.

Nõuande ikoon

The characters and their ASCII codes can be seen in the Special Characters dialog (Insert - Special Character).


Specifies the source for the label of the control. The text of the label field will be used instead of the name of a database field. For example, in the Filter Navigator, Search dialog, and as a column name in the table view.

To define one character of the label as a mnemonic, so that the user can access this control by pressing the character on the keyboard, insert a tilde (~) character in front of the character in the label.

Raadionuppude kasutamisel saab vaid grupipaneeli teksti sildiväljana kasutada. See tekst kehtib kõikidele sama grupi raadionuppudele.

Kui klõpsad tekstivälja kõrval nupul ..., kuvatakse dialoog Sildivälja valimine. Vali loendis silt.

Check the No assignment box to remove the link between a control and the assigned label field.

Peida valik

Specifies whether a text selection on a control remains selected when the focus is no longer on a control. If you set Hide selection to "No", the selected text remains selected when the focus is no longer on the control that contains the text.


An image button has a "Graphics" property. The "Graphics" property specifies the graphic's path and file name that you want to have displayed on the button. If you select the graphic file with the ... button, the path and file name will be automatically included in the text box.

Prefiksi sümbol

Determines if the currency symbol is displayed before or after the number when using currency fields. The default setting is currency symbols are not prefixed.


Specifies whether you want the control field to appear in a document's printout.

Rahaühiku tähis

In a currency field, you can predefine the currency symbol by entering the character or string in the "Currency symbol" property.

Rea kõrgus

In table controls, enter a value for the row height. If you want, you can enter a value followed by valid measurement unit, for example, 2 cm.


Displays text on more than one line. Allows you to use line breaks in a text box, so that you can enter more than one line of text. To manually enter a line break, press Enter.

Ridade arv

For combo boxes with the "Dropdown" property, you can specify how many lines should be displayed in the dropdown list. With control fields which do not have the Dropdown option, the line's display will be specified by the size of the control field and the font size.


A control field with the dropdown property has an additional arrow button which opens the list of the existing form entries per mouse click. Under Line count, you can specify how many lines (or rows) should be displayed in the dropdown state. Combination fields can have the dropdown property.

Liitboksid, mis lisati tabeli juhtelemendis veergudega, on vaikimisi alati rippmenüüd.


The "Label" property sets the label of the control field that is displayed in the form. This property determines the visible label or the column header of the data field in table control forms.

When you create a new control, the description predefined in the "Name" property is used as the default for labeling the control. The label consists of the control field name and an integer numbering the control (for example, CommandButton1). With the "Title" property, you can assign another description to the control so that the label reflects the function of the control. Change this entry in order to assign an expressive label to the control that is visible to the user.

To create a multi-line title, open the combo box using the Arrow button. You can enter a line break by pressing Shift++Enter.

Märkuse ikoon

The "Title" property is only used for labeling a form element in the interface visible to the user. If you work with macros, note that at runtime, a control is always addressed through the "Name" property.


By specifying the character code in pattern fields, you can determine what the user can enter in the pattern field.

Redigeerimismaski pikkus määrab võimalike sisestuskohtade arvu. Kui kasutaja sisestab märgid, mis ei vasta redigeerimismaskile, siis lükatakse sisestus kasutaja väljalt väljumisel tagasi. Redigeerimismaski määramiseks saad sisestada järgmised märgid.




A text constant. This position cannot be edited. The character is displayed at the corresponding position of the Literal Mask.


The characters a-z and A-Z can be entered. Capital characters are not converted to lowercase characters.


The characters A-Z can be entered. If a lowercase letter is entered, it is automatically converted to a capital letter.


The characters a-z, A-Z, and 0-9 can be entered. Capital characters are not converted to lowercase characters.


The characters A-Z and 0-9 can be entered. If a lowercase letter is entered, it is automatically converted to a capital letter.


Sisestada saab vaid märke vahemikus 0–9.


Siia võib sisestada kõiki märke.


All printable characters can be entered. If a lowercase letter is entered, it is automatically converted to a capital letter.

Näiteks määra tekstimaski "__.__.2000" jaoks redigeerimismask "NNLNNLLLLL", et kasutaja saaks sisestada kuupäeva sisestamisel vaid neli numbrit.


Resizes the image to fit the size of the control.


Specifies whether Check boxes and Option buttons are displayed in a 3D look (default) or a flat look.


Määrab kerimisriba või kerimisnupu horisontaal- või vertikaalsuuna.

Suur muudatus

Määrab väärtuse, mis liidetakse või lahutatakse, kui kasutaja klõpsab kerimisribal liuguri kõrval.


Määrab liitmise või lahutamise intervallid kerimisnupu juhtelemendi iga aktiveerimise kohta.

Suurim kellaaeg

Determines a time which can not be exceeded by another value introduced by the user.

Suurim kuupäev

Determines a date which can not be exceeded by another value introduced by the user.

Suurim väärtus

For numerical and currency fields, you can determine the maximum value that the user can enter.

Sümboli värv

Määrab juhtelementidel olevate sümbolite, näiteks kerimisriba noolte värvi.


The "Tab order" property determines the order in which the controls are focused in the form when you press the Tab key. In a form that contains more than one control, the focus moves to the next control when you press the Tab key. You can specify the order in which the focus changes with an index under "Tab order".

Märkuse ikoon

The "Tab order" property is not available to Hidden Controls. If you want, you can also set this property for image buttons and image controls, so that you can select these controls with the Tab key.

When creating a form, an index is automatically assigned to the control fields that are added to this form; every control field added is assigned an index increased by 1. If you change the index of a control, the indices of the other controls are updated automatically. Elements that cannot be focused ("Tabstop = No") are also assigned a value. However, these controls are skipped when using the Tab key.

Lisaks saad dialoogis Liikumisjärjestus lihtsalt erinevate juhtelementide registrid määrata.


The "Tabstop" property determines if a control field can be selected with the Tab key. The following options are available:


When using the Tab key, focusing skips the control.


Juhtelementi saab valida Tab-klahviga.


A background color is available for most control fields. If you click on Background color, a list will open which enables you to select among various colors. The "Standard" option adopts the system setting. If the desired color is not listed, click the ... button to define a color in the Color dialog.

Tegevus kirjega

Specifies to show or hide the action items in a selected Navigation bar control. Action items are the following: Save record, Undo, New record, Delete record, Refresh.


Allows you to use line breaks and formatting in a control field, such as a text box or label. To manually enter a line break, press the Enter key. Select "Multi-line with formatting" to enter formatted text.

Hoiatav ikoon

Kui valid tekstitüübi "Mitu rida koos vormindusega", ei saa seda juhtelementi andmebaasiväljaga siduda.

Märkuse ikoon

Selle juhtelemendi nimi on "Mitmerealine sisestus" tabeli juhtelemendis oleva tekstiveeru jaoks.

Teksti suurim pikkus

For text and combo boxes, you can define the maximum number of characters that the user can enter. If this control field property is uncertain, the default setting will be zero.

If the control is linked to a database and the text length is to be accepted from the field definition of the database, you must not enter the text length here. The settings are only accepted from the database if the control property was not defined ("Not Defined" state).

Tekstiread lõpevad märgiga

Vali tekstiväljade jaoks realõpu kood, mida kasutatakse teksti andmebaasiveergu kirjutamisel.


You can use navigation actions to design your own database navigation buttons.

The following table describes the actions that you can assign to a button:




Midagi ei juhtu.

Saada vorm

Sends the data that is entered in other control fields of the current form to the address that is specified in Form Properties under URL.

Sisesta PDF-faili eksportimisel URL vormi andmeomaduste tekstiväljale "URL".

Lähtesta vorm

Resets the settings in other control fields to the predefined defaults: Default Status, Default Selection, Default Value.

Ava dokument / veebileht

Avab URL-i, mis on määratud väljal URL. Sihtpaneeli määramiseks saad kasutada välja Paneel.

Esimene kirje

Viib aktiivse vormi esimesele kirjele.

Eelmine kirje

Viib aktiivse vormi eelmisele kirjele.

Järgmine kirje

Viib aktiivse vormi järgmisele kirjele.

Viimane kirje

Viib aktiivse vormi viimasele kirjele.

Salvesta kirje

Salvestab vajadusel aktiivse kirje.

Tühista kirje sisestamine

Tühistab aktiivse kirje muudatused.

Uus kirje

Viib aktiivse vormi sisestusreale.

Kustuta kirje

Kustutab aktiivse kirje.

Värskenda vormi

Laadib praeguse vormi viimasena salvestatud versiooni uuesti.

Tuhandeliste eraldaja

With numerical and currency fields you can determine whether thousands separators are used.

Täpne mask

With masked fields you can specify a literal mask. A literal mask contains the initial values of a form, and is always visible after downloading a form. Using a character code for the Edit mask, you can determine the entries that the user can type into the masked field.

Märkuse ikoon

Tekstimaski pikkus peaks alati vastama redigeerimismaski pikkusele. Vastasel korral lõigatakse redigeerimismask lühemaks või täidetakse tühikutega redigeerimismaski pikkuseni.

Täpne vorming

You can have a format check with control fields that accept formatted contents (date, time, and so on). If the strict format function is activated (Yes), only the allowed characters are accepted. For example, in a date field, only numbers or date delimiters are accepted; all alphabet entries typed with your keyboard are ignored.


Enter the URL address for a Open document or web page button type in the URL box. The address opens when you click the button.

Kui nihutad kursori kasutajarežiimis nupu kohale, kuvatakse URL laiendatud nõuandena, eeldusel et muud abiteksti pole sisestatud.


Sets the default value for the control field. For example, the default value will be entered when a form is opened.

For a Reset type button, the Default value entry defines the status of the control if the reset button is activated by the user.

Vaikimisi kellaaeg

Määrab vaikimisi kellaaja.

Vaikimisi kuupäev

Määrab vaikimisi kuupäeva.

Vaikimisi nupp

The "Default button" property specifies that the corresponding button will be operated when you press the Return key. If you open the dialog or form and do not carry out any further action, the button with this property is the default button.

Märkuse ikoon

See omadus tuleks määrata dokumendis vaid ühele nupule.

When using Web page forms, you might come across this property in search masks. These are edit masks that contain a text field and a Submit type button. The search term is entered in the text field and the search is started by activating the button. If the button is defined as the default button, however, simply hit Enter after entering the search term in order to start the search.

Vaikimisi olek

Specifies whether an option or a check box is selected by default.

Lähtestamistüüpi nupu jaoks saad määrata juhtelemendi oleku, kui kasutaja aktiveerib lähtestamisnupu.

For grouped option fields, the status of the group corresponding to the default setting is defined by the "Default Status" property.

Vaikimisi tekst

Määrab tekstiboksi või liitboksi vaikimisi sisu.

Vaikimisi valik

Specifies the list box entry to mark as the default entry.

For a Reset type button, the Default selection entry defines the status of the list box if the reset button is activated by the user.

For a List box that contains a value list, you can click the ... button to open the Default selection dialog.

Vali dialoogis Vaikevalik kirjed, mida soovid tähistatult valida, kui avad loendiboksi sisaldava vormi.


Specifies the delay in milliseconds between repeating events. A repeating event occurs when you click an arrow button or the background of a scrollbar, or one of the record navigation buttons of a Navigation bar, and you keep the mouse button pressed for some time. You can enter a value followed by a valid time unit, for example, 2 s or 500 ms.


Specifies the format code for the control. Click the ... button to select the format code.

Vähim kellaaeg

Determines the minimum time that a user can enter.

Vähim kuupäev

Determines the earliest date that a user can enter.

Vähim väärtus

For numerical and currency fields you can determine a minimum value to prevent the user from entering a smaller value.

Väike muudatus

Specify the value to add or subtract when the user clicks the Arrow icon on the scrollbar.


In a hidden control, under Value, you can enter the data which is inherited by the hidden control. This data will be transferred when sending the form.

Väärtuse samm

You can preset the value intervals for numerical and currency spin buttons. Use the up and down arrows of the spin button to increase or decrease the value.


Määrab juhtelemendi X-asukoha ankru suhtes.


Määrab juhtelemendi Y-asukoha ankru suhtes.


With control fields that have a frame, you can determine the border display on the form using the "Border" property. You can select among the "Without frame", "3-D look" or "Flat" options.

Äärise värv

Specifies the border color for controls that have the "Border" property set to "flat".

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