Sets the general options for exporting your document to a PDF file. Range, images, watermark, forms and other parameters.

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Choose File - Export As - Export as PDF - General tab.

Ekraanipilt PDF-i ekspordi ĂŒldistest sĂ€tetest


MÀÀrab PDF-faili kaasatavate lehekĂŒlgede eksportimise sĂ€tted.


Ekspordib kĂ”ik mÀÀratud trĂŒkialad. Kui trĂŒkialasid pole mÀÀratud, eksporditakse terve dokument.


Ekspordib tekstikasti sisestatud numbritega lehekĂŒljed.

LehekĂŒlgede vahemiku eksportimiseks tuleb kasutada vormingut 3-6. Üksikute lehtede trĂŒkkimiseks tuleb kasutada vormingut 7,9,11. Vajadusel vĂ”ib ka erinevaid vorminguid kombineerida, nĂ€iteks nii: 3-6,8,10,12.


Ekspordib aktiivse valiku.

View PDF after export

Open the exported document in the system default PDF viewer.


MÀÀrab PDF-i ekspordisÀtted dokumendis leiduvate piltide jaoks.

Kadudeta tihendus

Valib piltide kadudeta pakkimise. KÔik pikslid sÀilitatakse.


Select a JPEG compression level. With a high quality level, almost all pixels are preserved. With a low quality level, some pixels are lost and artifacts are introduced, but file sizes are reduced.


Sisesta JPEG pakkimise kvaliteeditase.

EraldusvÔime vÀhendamine

Select to resample or down-size the images to a lower number of pixels per inch.

Vali eksporditud piltide lahutus.


PĂ”imitud eelvaatega EPS-piltidest eksporditakse ainult eelvaade. Ilma eelvaateta EPS-pildid eksporditakse tĂŒhjade kohahoidjatena.


Add a centered, vertical, light green watermark text to the page background. The watermark is not part of the source document.

Sign with watermark

Check to enable the watermark signature.


Insert the text for the watermark signature.


You cannot adjust the position, orientation and size of the watermark. The watermark is not stored in the source document.


MÀÀrab PDF-ina eksportimise ĂŒldised sĂ€tted.

HĂŒbriid-PDF (pĂ”imitud ODF-failiga)

Selle sÀtte abil saab dokumendi eksportida PDF-failina, mis sisaldab kahte failivormingut: PDF ja ODF. PDF-i lugemise rakendustes kÀitub see tavalise PDF-failina, aga LibreOffice'is on tÀielikult muudetav.

Archive (PDF/A, ISO 19005)

Converts to the PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2b, or PDF/A-3b format. All fonts used in the source document are embedded in the generated PDF file, and PDF tags are written. The primary purpose is to create an electronic document whose appearance is device and application independent, making it suitable for long term preservation.


PDF/A-2b is recommended for most users, because it allows for layers and transparency with shapes and images. It also compresses better (JPEG 2000) than PDF/A-1b, usually producing smaller files. PDF/A-3b is identical to PDF/A-2b, but also accepts embedding of other file formats.

Universal Accessibility (PDF/UA)

Creates a universal accessibility-complaint PDF file that follows the requirements of PDF/UA (ISO 14289) specifications.

Siltidega PDF (koos dokumendi struktuuriga)

Select to write PDF tags. This can increase file size by huge amounts.

Siltidega PDF sisaldab teavet dokumendi sisu struktuuri kohta. See vÔib olla kasulik dokumendi kuvamisel erinevate ekraanidega seadmete abil, samuti ekraanilt lugemise tarkvara kasutamisel.

PDF-vormi loomine

Vali PDF-vormi loomiseks. Vormi saab tÀita ja printida PDF-dokumendi kasutaja.

Andmete edastamise vorming

Vali vorming, milles kaasatakse vormid PDF-failidesse.

Vali andmete vorming, mida soovid saatjalt saada: FDF (Forms Data Format), PDF, HTML vÔi XML.

See sĂ€te tĂŒhistab juhtelemendi omaduse URL, mis on mÀÀratud dokumendis.

Korduvate vÀljanimede lubamine

Allows you to use the same field name for multiple fields in the generated PDF file. If disabled, field names will be exported using generated unique names.


Sets options for diverse features such as bookmarks, comments, page layout.

Export outlines

Select to export bookmarks of Writer documents as PDF bookmarks. Bookmarks are created for all outline paragraphs (Tools - Chapter Numbering) and for all table of contents entries for which you did assign hyperlinks in the source document.


Only paragraphs with Outline level 1 - 10 will be exported. The name of the Paragraph Style is irrelevant. For example, the default version of Paragraph Style Title is not exported when its Outline level is Text Body. To see a paragraph’s Outline level, choose Format - Paragraph - Outline & Numbering tab.

Comments as PDF annotations

Select to export comments of Writer and Calc documents as PDF annotations.

To export comments of Writer documents as they are shown in LibreOffice, choose - LibreOffice Writer - Print and select the In margins option in the Comments area. The exported pages will be scaled down and the comments will be placed into their margins.

Eksporditakse automaatselt lisatavad tĂŒhjad lehekĂŒljed

If switched on, automatically inserted blank pages are exported to the PDF file. This is best if you are printing the pdf file double-sided. Example: In a book a chapter paragraph style is set to always start with an odd numbered page. If the previous chapter ends on an odd page, LibreOffice inserts an even numbered blank page. This option controls whether to export that even numbered page or not.

Viidatud XObject'ide kasutamine

This option affects how PDF images are exported back to PDF. When this option is disabled, then the first page of the PDF data is included in the output. The PDF export merges the used images, fonts and other resources during export. This is a complex operation, but the result can be viewed in various viewers. When the option is enabled, then the reference XObject markup is used: this is a simple operation, but viewers have to support this markup to show vector images. Otherwise a fallback bitmap is shown in the viewer.


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Digital Signatures

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