Nummerdus ja tÀpid

Adds numbering or bullets to the current paragraph or to selected paragraphs, and lets you edit format of the numbering or bullets.

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Choose Format - Bullets and Numbering.

Right-click a paragraph, choose List - Bullets and Numbering.

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Bullets and Numbering dialog Icon

Bullets and Numbering

Dialoogis Nummerdus ja tÀpid on jÀrgmised kaardid:


Displays different bullet types that you can apply to a list.


Displays different numbering schemes that you can apply.


Displays the different formats that you can apply to a hierarchical list. LibreOffice supports up to nine outline levels in a list hierarchy.


Displays the different graphics that you can use as bullets in an unordered list.


Set indent, spacing, and alignment options for numbering symbols, such as numbers or bullets, to ordered and unordered lists.


Sets the formatting options for ordered or unordered lists. If you want, you can apply formatting to individual levels in the list hierarchy.


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