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Choose Edit - ImageMap in Writer and Calc or Tools - ImageMap in Impress and Draw,
then select a section of the ImageMap and click Properties - Description.


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Enter the URL for the file that you want to open when you click the selected hotspot. If you want to jump to a named anchor within the current document, the address should be of the form "file:///C:/Documents/[current_document_name]#anchor_name".

Alternatiivne tekst:

Enter the text that you want to display when the mouse rests on the hotspot in a browser. If you do not enter any text, the Address is displayed.


Sisesta sihtpaneeli nimi, milles URL peab avanema. Loendist saab valida ka standardseid paneelitüüpe, mida tunnistavad kõik brauserid.


Sisesta pildi nimi.


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