Nimede kasutamine aadressidena

Teksti sisaldavaid lahtreid saab kasutada neid lahtreid sisaldavatele ridadele ja veergudele viitamiseks.

Arvutustabeli nÀidis

NĂ€itena toodud arvutustabelis kasutatakse stringi 'Veerg ĂŒks' valemis viitamiseks lahtrite vahemikule B3 kuni B5 vĂ”i 'Veerg kaks' viitamaks vahemikule C2 kuni C5. Samuti vĂ”ib kasutada nime 'Rida ĂŒks' vahemiku B3 kuni D3jaoks ja nime 'Rida kaks' vahemiku B4 kuni D4 jaoks. Valem kujul SUM('Veerg ĂŒks') tagastab 600.

Automatically finding labels is a legacy feature and deactivated by default as it can produce nondeterministic behavior depending on actual document content. To turn this function on, choose - LibreOffice Calc - Calculate and mark the Automatically find column and row labels check box.

Using defined labels instead is always possible and behaves similar but in a defined way.

NÔuande ikoon

If you enter a label name in the formula yourself, enclose the name in single quotation marks ('). If a single quotation mark appears in a name, you must double it, for example, 'Harry''s Bar'.

Define Label Range

Avab dialoogi, kus saab mÀÀrata siltide vahemikke.

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