Is Operator

Tests if two Basic variables refer to the same object instance.


result = oObj1 Is oObj2

If oObj1 and oObj2 are references to the same object instance, the result will be True.


The example below first defines a new type Student. Calling TestObjects creates the object oStudent1 as a new object of this type.

The assignment oStudent2 = oStudent1 actually copies the reference to the same object. Hence the result of applying the Is operator is True.

    Type Student
        FirstName as String
        Program as String
    End Type
    Sub TestObjects
        Dim oStudent1 as new Student
        Dim oStudent2 as Variant
        oStudent2 = oStudent1
        MsgBox Student1 Is Student2 ' True
    End Sub

The example below returns False because oStudent1 and oStudent2 are references to two different object instances, each created with the New operator.

    Sub TestObjects_v2
        Dim oStudent1 as new Student
        Dim oStudent2 as new Student
        MsgBox oStudent1 Is oStudent2 ' False
    End Sub

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