For...Next lause

Kordab mÀÀratud arv kordi ploki For...Next vahel olevaid lauseid.


For-lause diagramm

For counter=start To end [Step step]
    lause sisu
    [Exit For]
    lause sisu
Next [counter]

For Each lause diagramm

  For Each item In list
      lause sisu
  [Exit For]
      lause sisu
  Next [item]


counter: Loop counter initially assigned the value to the right of the equal sign (start). Only numeric variables are valid. The loop counter increases or decreases according to the variable step until end is passed.

start: Numeric variable that defines the initial value at the beginning of the loop.

end: Numeric variable that defines the final value at the end of the loop.

Step: seab sammuvÀÀrtuse, mille vĂ”rra tsĂŒklite arvu suurendada vĂ”i vĂ€hendada. Kui step on mÀÀramata, siis suurendatakse tsĂŒklite arvu 1 vĂ”rra. Sel juhul peab end olema suurem kui start. Kui soovid vÀÀrtust counter vĂ€hendada, siis peab vÀÀrtus end olema vĂ€iksem kui vÀÀrtus start ja step peab olema negatiivne vÀÀrtus.

TsĂŒkkel For...Next kordab kĂ”iki tsĂŒklis olevaid lauseid parameetritega mÀÀratud arv kordi.

As the counter variable is decreased, LibreOffice Basic checks if the end value has been reached. As soon as the counter passes the end value, the loop automatically terminates.

TsĂŒkli For...Next lauseid saab pesastada. Kui lausele Next jĂ€rgnevat muutujat pole mÀÀratud, viitab Next automaatselt viimatisele For-lausele.

Kui mÀÀrad juurdekasvuks 0, siis korratakse lausete For ja Next vahelisi lauseid pidevalt.

When counting down the counter variable, LibreOffice Basic checks for overflow or underflow. The loop ends when counter exceeds end (positive Step value) or is less than end (negative Step value).

TsĂŒklist tingimusteta vĂ€ljumiseks kasuta lauset VĂ€lju lausest For. See lause peab olema tsĂŒklis For...Next. VĂ€ljumistingimuse testimiseks kasuta lauset If...Then jĂ€rgmiselt:

      lause sisu
      If condition = True Then Exit For
      lause sisu

In nested For...Next loops, if you exit a loop unconditionally with Exit For, only one loop is exited.


The following example uses two nested loops to sort a string array with 10 elements ( sEntry() ), that is filled with various contents:

Sub ExampleSort
Dim sEntry(9) As String
Dim iCount As Integer, iCount2 As Integer
Dim sTemp As String
    sEntry = Array("Jerry","Patty","Kurt","Thomas","Michael",_
    For iCount = 0 To 9
        For iCount2 = iCount + 1 To 9
            If sEntry(iCount) > sEntry(iCount2) Then
                sTemp = sEntry(iCount)
                sEntry(iCount) = sEntry(iCount2)
                sEntry(iCount2) = sTemp
            End If
        Next iCount2
    Next iCount
    For iCount = 0 To 9
        Print sEntry(iCount)
    Next iCount
End Sub

This explores the content of an array to display each item it contains.

  Sub list_iteration
      cutlery = Array("fork", "knife", "spoon")
      For Each item in cutlery
          Print item
      Next ' item
  End Sub

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