Añadir a lista

Include selected paragraphs, whether a list item or not, as part of a list.

Para acceder a esta orden…

Choose Format - Lists - Add to List.

Right-click a paragraph, choose List - Add to List.

En la barra Numeración y viñetas, pulse en el icono Añadir a lista.

Icono Añadir a lista

Añadir a lista

The list labeling and indent formatting are applied to the selected paragraphs. The position of the paragraphs in the document does not change.

Add Selected Paragraphs to a List

  1. Select paragraphs, whether in a list or not, to be added to a list.

    For multiple selections, press and hold the Ctrl key after the first selection. The Ctrl key can be released without losing the selections, but must be pressed when clicking in the document.

  2. Press and hold the Ctrl key, then place cursor in the list.

  3. Siga uno de estos procedimientos:


This procedure works for ordered and unordered lists.

Add Consecutive List Entries to an Immediately Prior List

  1. Select one or more consecutive list entries, starting from the first entry, that you want to add to the immediately prior list.

  2. Right-click, choose List - Add to List.


Utilice este procedimiento para combinar dos listas.

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