Specifies the security options of the exported PDF file.

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Vaya a Archivo ▸ Exportar a ▸ Exportar a PDF ▸ pestaña Seguridad.

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Set passwords

Click to open a dialog where you enter the passwords.

You can specify a password needed to view the PDF. You can enter an optional password that allows the person viewing the PDF to edit and/or print the document.


Not permitted

Printing the document is not permitted.

Low resolution (150 dpi)

The document can only be printed in low resolution (150 dpi). Not all PDF readers honor this setting.

Resolución alta

El documento puede imprimirse en resolución alta.


Not permitted

No changes of the content are permitted.

Insertar, eliminar y girar páginas

Only inserting, deleting, and rotating pages is permitted.

Filling in form fields

Only filling in form fields is permitted.

Commenting, filling in form fields

Only commenting and filling in form fields is permitted.

Any except extracting pages

All changes are permitted, except extracting pages.


Enable copying of content

Select to enable copying of content to the clipboard.

Enable text access for accessibility tools

Select to enable text access for accessibility tools.


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Exportar a PDF

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