Interfaz de usuario

Opens the Select Your Preferred User Interface dialog to let you choose the user interface layout for LibreOffice.

Para acceder a esta orden…

From the menu bar:

Choose menu View - User Interface

From the tabbed interface:

On the tabs row menu, choose User Interface.

The notebook bar shows a different way to organize controls and icons than a collection of straight rows of icons, displaying contextual groups of commands and contents for a quicker usage and better user experience.

Disposiciones de la interfaz de usuario

The User Interface entry defines which user interface elements are visible.

Standard toolbar

Classic mode with two visible toolbars – standard and formatting. The sidebar is partially collapsed and shows only tabs. Intended for users who are familiar with the classic interface.


In this mode, the bar is divided into tabs, where each tab displays a set of icons grouped by context. The context can also change depending on the object selected in the document, for example a table or an image. The Tabbed user interface is the most similar to the Ribbons used in Microsoft Office. It organizes functions in tabs and makes the main menu obsolete.

Tabbed compact

The Tabbed Compact variant aims to be familiar with the Microsoft Office interface, yet occupying less space for smaller screens.

Groupedbar compact

The Groupedbar Compact interface provides access to functions in groups, with icons for most-frequently used features, and dropdown menus for others. This compact variant favors vertical space.

Contextual single

The Contextual Single interface shows functions in a single-line toolbar with context-dependent content.

Single toolbar

Standard user interface but with single-line toolbar. Intended for use on small screens. The sidebar is collapsed.

Barra lateral

Standard user interface with expanded sidebar. Expert users who want to quickly change many different properties are advised to use this user interface.

When user activates additional toolbars, they will be saved in the user profile. Therefore, on returning from the notebook bar mode, all toolbars set visible before will show again.


The Tabbed and Groupedbar modes are also available as compact variants.


Se puede ajustar el tamaño de los iconos de la omnibarra en el cuadro de lista correspondiente en  ▸ LibreOffice ▸ Ver ▸ Omnibarra.


La omnibarra no se puede personalizar.


La versión actual (LibreOffice 7.6) de la omnibarra es común a Writer, Calc, Draw e Impress. Un cambio realizado a la omnibarra afectará también a las demás aplicaciones.

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