Choose Function

Devuelve un valor seleccionado de una lista de argumentos.


  Choose (Index As Integer, Expression1[, Expression2, ... [, Expression_n]]) As Variant

Valor de retorno:

Variant. A value inferred from the Index parameter.


Index: Any numeric expression rounded to a whole number. Index accepts integer values starting at 1 that specify which of the possible choices to return.

Expression1, Expression2, …, Expression_n: Expressions representing each of the possible choices.

The Choose function returns a value from the list of expressions based on the index value. If Index = 1, the function returns the first expression in the list, if Index = 2, it returns the second expression, and so on.

If the index value is less than 1 or greater than the number of expressions listed, the function returns a Null value.

Error #5 occurs when parameters are omitted. Error #13 occurs if Index equals Null.

Códigos de error:

5 Llamada a procedimiento no válida

13 Discordancia de tipo


The following example uses the or Choose function to select a string from several strings that form a menu:

Sub ExampleChoose
    Print ChooseMenu(2) ' "Save Format"
    MsgBox Choose(index :=  -5, 9, "Basic", PI) ' Null
    MsgBox Choose(index := 3.14, 9, "Basic", PI) ' PI
End Sub
Function ChooseMenu(Index As Integer)
    ChooseMenu = Choose(Indice, "Formato rápido", "Guardar formato", "Formato del sistema")
End Function

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