Identificar el sistema operativo

Es posible identificar el sistema operativo a través de los lenguajes Python y Basic.


ComputerName property is solely available for Windows. Basic calls to Python macros help overcome LibreOffice Basic limitations.

Mediante una clase de Python:

        """ the_module """
        import os, platform
        class Platform():
            def ComputerName(self): return platform.node()
            def DirSeparator(self): return os.sep
            def isLinux(self): return (self.OSName=='Linux')
            def isMacOSX(self): return (self.OSName=='Darwin')
            def isWindows(self): return (self.OSName=='Windows')
            def OSName(self): return platform.system()
            def PathDelimiter(self): return os.pathsep

Mediante un módulo de clase de Basic:


LibreOffice Basic lacks MacOS X native recognition. Platform identification is possible using LibreOffice Application Programming Interface (API).

        Option Compatible
        Option ClassModule
        Option Explicit
        Public Property Get ComputerName As String
            If isWindows Then ComputerName = Environ("ComputerName")
        End Property ' Platform.ComputerName
        Public Property Get DirSeparator As String
            DirSeparator = GetPathSeparator()
        End Property ' Platform.DirSeparator
        Public Property Get IsLinux As Boolean
            isLinux = ( GetGUIType()=4 ) ' Applies to macOS as well 
        End Property ' Platform.isLinux
        Public Property Get IsMacOSX As Boolean
            isMacOSX = ( OSName="MAC" )
        End Property ' Platform.isMacOSX
        Public Property Get IsWindows As Boolean
            isWindows = ( GetGUIType()=1 )
        End Property ' Platform.isWindows
        Public Property Get OSName As String
            ' Return platform name as "MAC", "UNIX", "WIN"
            ' Inferred from "Tools.UCB.ShowHelperDialog" function
            With GlobalScope.Basiclibraries
                If Not .IsLibraryLoaded("Tools") Then .LoadLibrary("Tools")
            End With
            Dim keyNode As Object '
            keyNode = Tools.Misc.GetRegistryKeyContent("org.openoffice.Office.Common/Help")
            OSName = keyNode.GetByName("System")
        End Property ' Platform.OSName
        Public Property Get PathDelimiter As String
            Select Case OSName
                Case "MAC", "UNIX" : PathDelimiter = ":"
                Case "WIN" : PathDelimiter = ";"
             End Select
        End Property ' Platform.PathDelimiter


Con Python

>>> from < the_module > import Platform

>>> print(Platform().isMacOSX) # propiedad de objeto


>>> input(Platform().OSName) # propiedad de objeto


Desde el menú Herramientas ▸ Macros ▸ Ejecutar macro.

        from < the_module > import Platform
        import screen_io as ui
        p = Platform()
        ui.MsgBox(''.join(['isMacOS: ',str(p.isMacOSX)]),0,p.OSName)

Con LibreOffice Basic

        Sub Platform_example()
            Dim p As New Platform ' instancia de la clase Platform
            MsgBox p.isLinux ' propiedad de objeto
            Print p.isWindows, p.OSName ' propiedades de objeto
        End Sub ' Platform_example

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