Entering Text

How to enter direct text strings that do not get interpreted?

Some text strings get interpreted as operators automatically. Sometimes this is not what you want. If you want to write W* (a letter with a superscripted asterisk), the asterisk will be interpreted as a multiplication operator. Enclose the direct text within double quotes or add spaceholders.


An imported MathType formula contains the following string

W rSup { size 8{*} }

If you have set up Math to convert imported MathType formulas (in - Load/Save - Microsoft Office), you see the formula with a placeholder instead of the asterisk.

Change {*} to {} * {} as in the following formula:

W rSup { size 8{} * {} }

You can also use W^"*" to enter the character as direct text.

Some formulas start with an = sign. Use "=" to enter that character as direct text.

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