This menu contains commands to control the on-screen display of the document, change the user interface and access the sidebar panels.


Switches to normal view, where you can create and edit your slides.


Switches to outline view, where you can add, edit and reorganize slide titles and headings.

Nota paĝo

Switches to notes view, where you can add notes to your slides. Notes are hidden from the audience when you give your presentation.


Switches to the handout page view, where you can scale several slides to fit on one printed page.

Lumbilda ordigilo

Displays miniature versions of the slides so they can easily be rearranged.

Master Slide

Switches to master slide view, where you can add elements that you want to appear on all of the slides that use the same master slide.

Master Notes

Displays the master notes, where you can set the default formatting for notes.


Opens a submenu to show and hide toolbars. A toolbar contains icons and options that let you quickly access LibreOffice commands.

Stata breto

Shows or hides the Status bar at the bottom edge of the window.


Displays or hides rulers at the top and left or right edges of the workspace.

Show or hide the .

Grid and Help Lines

Toggle the visibility of grid points and guide lines to help object moving and precise position in the current page.

Snap Guides

Specifies the display options for snap guides.

Objektaj moveblaj helplinioj

Specifies whether to display guides when moving an object.


Shows slides in color, grayscale, or black and white.


Vidigi aŭ kaŝi la komentojn de prezentaĵo.

Ĉefa fono

Baskuli la videblecon de la fono de la modela lumbildo por uzi ĝin kiel la fonon de la aktuala lumbildo.

Ĉefaj objektoj

Baskuli la videblecon de la objektoj de modela lumbildo aperontaj en la aktuala lumbildo.

Modelaj elementoj

Add header, footer, date, and slide number placeholders to the master slide.


The Sidebar is a vertical graphical user interface that primarily provides contextual properties, style management, document navigation, media gallery and more features.


Opens the Styles deck of the Sidebar, which lists the available graphic and presentation styles for applying and editing.

Bildetara galerio

Opens the Gallery deck of the Sidebar, where you can select images and audio clips to insert into your document.


Opens the Navigator, where you can quickly jump to other slides or move between open files.


Reduces or enlarges the screen display of LibreOffice.

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