Creating a Custom Slide Show

You can create custom slide shows to meet the needs of your audience using slides within the current presentation.

To create a custom slide show:

Dialogo Difini propran prezenta─Áon

  1. Choose Slide Show - Custom Slide Shows.

  2. Click New and enter a name for your slide show in the Name box.

  3. Under Existing Slides, select the slides to add to your slide show, and click the >> button. Hold down Shift to select a range of consecutive slides, or to select multiple individual slides.

You can change the order of the slides in your custom slide show, by dragging and dropping the slides under Selected Slides.

To start a custom slide show:

Propre difinitaj prezenta─Áoj

  1. Choose Slide Show - Custom Slide Show.

  2. Select the show you want to start from the list.

  3. Alklaku Krei.


If you want the selected custom slide show to start when you click the Slide Show icon on the Presentation toolbar, or when you press F5, select Use Custom Slide Show.

Options for Running a Slide Show

To always start a slide show from the current slide:

  1. Choose - LibreOffice Impress - General.

  2. In the Start presentation area, select the Always with current page check box.


Do not select this option if you want to run a custom slide show.

To hide a slide:

To hide the current slide, click the Hide Slide action button.

  1. Elektu menuerojn Enmeti - Pa─Łopiedo kaj elektu la pa─Łan stilon en kiu enmeti la pa─Łopiedon.

  2. Choose Slide Show - Show/Hide Slide.

    The slide is not removed from your document.

To show a hidden slide:

  1. Choose View - Slide Sorter, and then select the hidden slide(s) that you want to show.

  2. Choose Slide Show - Show/Hide Slide.

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