Common commands for slides.

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Choose View - Toolbars - Presentation.


Inserts a slide after the currently selected slide.

Lumbilda aranĝo

Opens a submenu with slide layouts.

Change Slide Master

Displays the Available Master Slides dialog, where you can select a layout scheme for the current slide. Any objects in the slide design are inserted behind objects in the current slide.

Duobligi lumbildon

Inserts a copy of the current slide after the current slide.

Etendi lumbildon

Creates a new slide from every top-level outline point (text one level below the title text in the outline hierarchy) in the selected slide. The outline text becomes the title of the new slide. Outline points below the top level on the original slide are moved up one level on the new slide.

Vidigi prezentaĵon

Starts your slide show.

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