Ordigi listojn

All user-defined lists are displayed in the Sort Lists dialog. You can also define and edit your own lists. Only text can be used as sort lists, no numbers.

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Displays all the available lists. These lists can be selected for editing.


Displays the content of the currently selected list. This content can be edited.

Kopii liston el

Defines the spreadsheet and the cells to copy, in order to include them in the Lists box. The currently selected range in the spreadsheet is the default.


Copies the contents of the cells in the Copy list from box. If you select a reference to related rows and columns, the Copy List dialog appears after clicking the button. You can use this dialog to define if the reference is converted to sort lists by row or by column.


Enters the contents of a new list into the Entries box. This button will change from New to Discard, which enables you to delete the new list.


Adds a new list into the Lists box. If you would like to edit this list in the Entries box, this button will change from Add to Modify, which enables you to include the newly modified list.


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