Aldoni tabelojn

In the Add Tables dialog, select the tables you need for your current task. When creating a query or a new table presentation, select the corresponding table to which the query or table presentation should refer. When working with relational databases, select the tables between which you want to build relationships.

The inserted tables appear in a separate window in the query design or relational windows, along with a list of the fields contained in the table. You can determine the size and order of this window.

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En datumbazadosiera fenestro, alklaku al bildsimbolo Tabeloj. Elektu je Enmeti - Aranĝi tabelojnRedakti - Redakti.



Lists the available tables. To insert a table, select one from the list and click Add. You can also double-click the table name, and a window will be displayed containing the table fields at the top of the query design or the relational window.


Inserts the currently selected table.


Closes the Add Tables dialog.

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