Chart Wizard - Chart Type

On the first page of the Chart Wizard you can choose a chart type.

Por atingi ĉi tiun komandon...

Choose Insert - Chart...


Insert Chart

Premu je Maj+F1 kaj indiku regilon por lerni pli pri tiu regilo.

To choose a chart type

  1. Choose a basic chart type: click any of the entries labeled Column, Bar, Pie, and so on.

    The contents on the right side will change to offer more options depending on the basic chart type.

  2. Optionally, click any of the options. While you change the settings in the wizard, watch the preview in the document to see how the chart will look.

Press Shift+F1 and point to a control to see an extended help text.

Click Finish on any wizard page to close the wizard and create the chart using the current settings.

Click Next to see the next wizard page, or click the entries on the left side of the wizard to go to that page.

Click Back to see the previous wizard page.

Click Cancel to close the wizard without creating a chart.

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