This menu contains commands to control the on-screen display of the document, change the user interface and access the sidebar panels.

Normal View

Displays the normal layout view of the sheet.

Page Break

Display the page breaks and print ranges in the sheet.

User Interface

Opens the Select Your Preferred User Interface dialog to let you choose the user interface layout for LibreOffice.


Opens a submenu to show and hide toolbars. A toolbar contains icons and options that let you quickly access LibreOffice commands.

Formula breto

Kaŝas aŭ malkaŝas la Formulan breton, kiun oni uzas por enigi kaj redakti formulojn. La Formula breto estas la plej grava ilo por prilabori kalkultabelojn.

Stata breto

Shows or hides the Status bar at the bottom edge of the window.

View Headers

Shows column headers and row headers.

View Grid Lines

Toggle the visibility of grid lines for the current sheet.

Grid and Help Lines

Toggle the visibility of grid points and guide lines to help object moving and precise position in the current page.


Vidigas ĉelenhavon per diversaj koloroj, depende de la tipo.

Hidden Row/Column Indicator

Toggles the display of tic marks where columns or rows are hidden.

Show Formula

Display the cell formula expression instead of the calculated result.

Show or hide a document's comments and replies to them.


Divides the current window at the top left corner of the active cell.

Freeze Rows and Columns

Dividas la folion ĉe la supra maldekstra angulo de la aktiva ĉelo kaj ne eblas rulumi en la areo ĉe la supra maldekstro.

Freeze Cells

Freezes the first column or the first row of the current spreadsheet.


The Sidebar is a vertical graphical user interface that primarily provides contextual properties, style management, document navigation, media gallery and more features.


Use the Styles deck of the Sidebar to assign styles to cells and pages. You can apply, update, and modify existing styles or create new styles.


Opens the Gallery deck of the Sidebar, where you can select images and audio clips to insert into your document.


Activates and deactivates the Navigator. The Navigator is a dockable window.

Function List

Malfermas la panelon Funkcia Listo, kiu vidigas ĉiujn funkciojn enmeteblajn en la dokumenton.


Lists the databases that are registered in LibreOffice and lets you manage the contents of the databases.

Tuta ekrano

Shows or hides the menus and toolbars in Writer or Calc. To exit the full screen mode, click the Full Screen button or press the Esc key.


Opens a submenu with several zoom factors and commands.

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