Live Data Stream

Create live data streams for spreadsheets.

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Choose Data – Streams


This feature is experimental and may produce errors or behave unexpectedly. To enable it anyway, choose - LibreOffice - Advanced and select Enable experimental features checkbox.

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Data streaming is the continuous flow of data generated by various sources. In LibreOffice Calc, data streams can be processed, stored, analyzed, and acted upon as it's generated in real-time.

Some real-life examples of streaming data include use cases in every industry, including real-time stock trades, up-to-the-minute retail inventory management, social media feeds, multiplayer game interactions, and ride-sharing apps.

Source stream


URL of the source document in the local file system or internet.

Interpret stream data as

Empty lines trigger UI refresh

When new data arrives

There are three features of this option:

Maximal Amount of Rows

Limit the maximum numbers of rows to a specified value or leave undefined, but limited to the LibreOffice Calc row limit.

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