Returns text where an old text is replaced with a new text, using byte positions.


Ĉi tiu funkcio disponeblas ekde versio 6.0 de LibreOffice.


REPLACEB( Text ; Position ; Length ; NewText )

Text: A text expression or reference to a cell containing a text expression in which the bytes are to be replaced.

Position: the byte position from which text is to be replaced.

Length: the number of bytes to be replaced.

NewText: the text to be inserted.


=REPLACEB("ᄩᄔᄕᄜᄝᄞᄠᄢᄣᄫᄬᄭᄮᄯᄲᄶ";4;1;"ab") returns "ᄩ abᄕᄜᄝᄞᄠᄢᄣᄫᄬᄭᄮᄯᄲᄶ" .

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