DateValue Function

Liveras numeron el data ĉeno. La data ĉeno estas tuta dato en unu numera valoro. Oni ankaŭ povas uzi tiun numeron por kalkuli la diferencon inter du datoj.




Date: String expression that contains the date that you want to calculate. In contrast to the DateSerial function that passes years, months and days as separate numeric values, the DateValue function requests the date string to be according to either one of the date acceptance patterns defined for your locale setting (see - Language Settings - Languages) or to ISO date format (momentarily, only the ISO format with hyphens, e.g. "2012-12-31" is accepted).

Return value:

The computed date.

Error codes:

5 Nevalida procedurvoko


  Sub ExampleDateValue
      MsgBox DateValue("23/02/2011")
  End Sub

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