LibreOffice Basic IDE

This section describes the structure of the Basic IDE.

Makroa ilbreto

La Makroa ilbreto enhavas la komandojn por krei, redakti, kaj ruli makroojn.


The Watch window allows you to observe the value of variables during the execution of a program. Define the variable in the Watch text box. Click on Enable Watch to add the variable to the list box and to display its values.

Call Stack Window (Calls)

The Call Stack allows you to monitor the sequence of procedures and functions during the execution of a program. The procedures are functions are displayed bottom to top with the most recent function or procedure call at the top of the list.

Manage Breakpoints

Specifies the options for breakpoints.

Klavaraj ligiloj en la Basic-IDE

Commands From the Context menu of the Module Tabs



Inserts a new module into the current library.


Inserts a new dialog into the current library.


Deletes the selected module.


Renames the current module in place.


Hides the current module.


Opens the Macro Organizer dialog.

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