Edits the selected footnote or endnote anchor. Click in front of the footnote or endnote, and then choose this command.

To access this command...

Choose Edit - Footnotes

To edit the text of a footnote or endnote, click in the footnote area at the bottom of the page, or at the end of the document.


To quickly jump to the footnote or endnote text, click the anchor for note in the document. You can also position the cursor in front of or behind the marker, and then press +Shift+PgDn. To jump back to the anchor for the note, press PgUp.


Select the numbering type for the footnote or endnote.


Automatically assigns consecutive numbers to the footnotes or endnotes that you insert. To change the settings for automatic numbering, choose Tools - Footnotes/Endnotes.


Choose this option to define a character or symbol for the current footnote. This can be either a letter, number or special character.


Inserts a special character as a footnote or endnote anchor.


To change the format of a footnote or endnote anchor or text, select it, and then choose Format - Character. You can press to open the Styles window and modify the footnote or endnote paragraph style.


Select the type of note to insert, that is, footnote or endnote. A footnote is placed at the bottom of the current page, whereas an endnote is placed at the end of the document.


Converts an endnote to a footnote.


Converts a footnote to an endnote.

Arrow left

Moves to the previous footnote or endnote anchor in the document.

Icon Previous footnote

Previous footnote

Arrow right

Moves to the next footnote or endnote anchor in the document.

Icon Next footnote

Next footnote

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