Fax Wizard

Opens the wizard for faxes. The wizard can help you create document templates for fax documents. You can then print the fax documents to a printer or to a fax machine, if fax driver software is available.

To access this command...

Choose File - Wizards - Fax.

LibreOffice comes with a template for fax documents, which you can modify with the wizard to suit your own needs. The wizard leads you step-by-step in creating a document template, and offers numerous layout and design options. The document preview gives you an impression of how the finished fax will appear.

Within the dialogue you can modify your entries and options at any time. You can also skip an entire page or even all the wizard pages, in which case the current (or default) settings will remain in effect.

Fax Wizard - Page Design

Defines the style of your fax document.

Fax Wizard - Items to include

Specifies the fax elements to be printed.

Fax Wizard - Sender and Recipient

Specifies the receiver and sender information for the fax.

Fax Wizard - Footer

Specifies the footer data.

Fax Wizard - Name and location

Defines the template name and location.


Click the Back button to view the settings chosen on the previous page. The current settings will not be modified or deleted if you click this button. Back will be active from the second page onwards.


The wizard saves the current settings and goes to the next page. The Next button will become inactive once you have reached the last page.


According to your selections, the wizard creates a document template and saves it. A new document based on the template appears in the work area, with the filename "UntitledX".


Clicking Cancel closes a dialogue without saving any changes made.

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