Specify the properties of the selected callout.

To access this command...

Choose Format - Position and Size - Callout tab. This is only available for textbox callouts, not for custom shapes callouts.

Note Icon

These callouts are a legacy of the first versions of LibreOffice. You must customize a toolbar or menu to insert these callouts. The newer custom shape callouts offer more features, for example a Callouts toolbarIcon where you can select the shape.

Callout Styles

Click the Callout style that you want to apply to the selected callout.


Enter the amount of space that you want to leave between the end of the callout line, and the callout box.


Select where you want to extend the callout line from, in relation to the callout box.


Enter the length of the callout line segment that extends from the callout box to the inflection point of the line.

Note Icon

The Length box is only available if you select the Angled connector line callout style, and leave the Optimal checkbox cleared.


Click here to display a single-angled line in an optimal way.

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