Arrow Styles

Edit or create arrow styles.

You can add arrow styles to the start or end of a line using the Line tab of the Line dialog.

To access this command...

Right-click a selected object - choose Line - Arrow Styles tab.

Icon Line


Manage Arrow Styles

Lets you add, rename, delete, save and load arrow styles.

Style name

Displays the name of the selected arrow style.

Arrow style

Choose a predefined arrow style symbol from the list box.


To define a custom arrow style, select a drawing object in the document, and then click here.


Changes the name of the selected arrow style.


Deletes the selected element or elements after confirmation.

Load Arrow Styles

Imports a list of arrow styles.

Save Arrow Styles

Saves the current list of arrow styles, so that you can load it later.

Preview Field

Displays a preview of the current selection.

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