Specifies the axes to be displayed in the chart.

To access this command...

Choose Insert - Axes (Charts)

Major axis

X axis

Displays the X axis as a line with subdivisions.

Y axis

Displays the Y axis as a line with subdivisions.

Z axis

Displays the Z axis as a line with subdivisions. This axis can only be displayed in 3D charts.

Secondary axis

Use this area to assign a second axis to your chart. If a data series is already assigned to this axis, LibreOffice automatically displays the axis and the label. You can turn off these settings later on. If no data has been assigned to this axis and you activate this area, the values of the primary Y axis are applied to the secondary axis.

X axis

Displays a secondary X axis in the chart.

Y axis

Displays a secondary Y axis in the chart.

Tip Icon

The major axis and the secondary axis can have different scaling. For example, you can scale one axis to 2 in. and the other to 1.5 in.

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