Deleting Contents

Specifies the contents to be deleted from the active cell or from a selected cell range. If several sheets are selected, all selected sheets will be affected.

To access this command...

Choose Sheet - Clear Cells.


Tip Icon

This dialog is also called by pressing Backspace after the cell cursor has been activated on the sheet.

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Pressing Delete deletes content without calling the dialog or changing formats.

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Use Cut on the Standard bar to delete contents and formats without the dialogue.


This area lists the options for deleting contents.

Delete All

Deletes all content from the selected cell range.


Deletes text only. Formats, formulae, numbers and dates are not affected.


Deletes numbers only. Formats and formulae remain unchanged.

Date & time

Deletes date and time values. Formats, text, numbers and formulae remain unchanged.


Deletes formulae. Text, numbers, formats, dates and times remain unchanged.


Deletes comments added to cells. All other elements remain unchanged.


Deletes format attributes applied to cells. All cell content remains unchanged.


Deletes objects. All cell content remains unchanged.

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