FindPropertyObject Function

Enables objects to be addressed at run-time as a string parameter using the object name.

For example, the following command:

MyObj.Prop1.Command = 5

corresponds to the command block:

Dim ObjVar as Object
Dim ObjProp as Object
ObjName As String = "MyObj"
ObjVar = FindObject( ObjName As String )
PropName As String = "Prop1"
ObjProp = FindPropertyObject( ObjVar, PropName As String )
ObjProp.Command = 5

This allows names to be dynamically created at run-time. For example:

"TextEdit1" to "TextEdit5" in a loop to create five control names.

See also: FindObject


FindPropertyObject( ObjVar, PropName As String )


ObjVar: Object variable that you want to dynamically define at run-time.

PropName: String that specifies the name of the property that you want to address at run-time.

Error codes:

5 Invalid procedure call

12 Variable not defined

14 Invalid parameter

52 Invalid file name or file number

57 Device I/O error

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