Eof Function

Determines if the file pointer has reached the end of a file.


Eof (intexpression As Integer)

Return value:



Intexpression: Any integer expression that evaluates to the number of an open file.

Use EOF to avoid errors when you attempt to get input past the end of a file. When you use the Input or Get statement to read from a file, the file pointer is advanced by the number of bytes read. When the end of a file is reached, EOF returns the value "True" (-1).

Error codes:

5 Invalid procedure call

52 Invalid file name or file number


Sub ExampleWorkWithAFile
Dim iNumber As Integer
Dim sLine As String
Dim aFile As String
Dim sMsg As String
    aFile = "c:\data.txt"
    iNumber = Freefile
    Open aFile For Output As #iNumber
    Print #iNumber, "First line of text"
    Print #iNumber, "Another line of text"
    Close #iNumber
    iNumber = Freefile
    Open aFile For Input As iNumber
    While Not eof(iNumber)
        Line Input #iNumber, sLine
        If sLine <>"" Then
            sMsg = sMsg & sLine & chr(13)
        End If
    Close #iNumber
    MsgBox sMsg
End Sub

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