Convert Text to Table

Converts the selected text into a table, or the selected table into text.

To access this command...

Choose Table - Convert - Text to Table

The options available in this dialog depending on the type of conversion.

Separate text at

A separator, such as a tab, marks the column boundaries in the selected text. Each paragraph in the selection is converted into a row in the table. Similarly, when you convert a table into text, the column markers are changed to the character that you specify, and each row is converted into a separate paragraph.


Converts the text to a table using tabs as column markers.


Converts the text to a table using semi-colons (;) as column markers.


Converts the text to a table using paragraphs as column markers.


Converts the text to a table using the character that you type in the box as a column marker.

Text box

Type the character that you want to use as a column marker.

Equal width for all columns

Creates columns of equal width, regardless of the position of the column marker.


Opens the AutoFormat dialog, where you can select a predefined layout for table.



Formats the first row of the new table as a heading.

Repeat heading

Repeats the table header on each page that the table spans.

The first ... rows

Repeats the first n rows as a header.

Don't split table

Does not divide the table across pages.


Adds a border to the table and the table cells.

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