Slide Show

Contains commands and options for running a presentation.

Slide Show

Starts your slide show.

Slide Show Settings

Defines settings for your slide show, including how to display it, which slide to start from, the way you advance the slides, and whether you want to use the presenter console or control it remotely.

Rehearse Timings

Starts a slide show with a timer in the lower left corner.


Defines how the selected object behaves when you click on it during a slide show.

Custom Animation

Assigns effects to selected objects.

Slide Transition

Defines the special effect that plays when you display a slide during a slide show.

Show/Hide Slide

Hides the selected slide so that it is not displayed during a slide show.

Custom Slide Show

Defines a custom slide show using slides within the current presentation. You can then pick slides to meet the needs of your audience. You can create as many custom slide shows as you want.

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