Opens the Gallery deck of the Sidebar, where you can select images and audio clips to insert into your document.

You can display the contents of the Gallery as icons, or icons with titles and path information.

To zoom in or zoom out on a single object in the Gallery, double-click the object, or select the object, and then press the Spacebar.

To access this command...

Themes are listed on the left side of the Gallery.Click a theme to view the objects associated with the theme.

To insert a Gallery object, select the object, and then drag it into the document.

Inserting Objects From the Gallery

Copying Graphics From the Gallery

Adding Graphics to the Gallery

Adding a New File to the Gallery

To add a file to the Gallery, right-click a theme, choose Properties, click the Files tab, and then click Add. You can also click an object in the current document, hold, and then drag it to the Gallery window.

New theme

Adds a new theme to the Gallery and lets you choose the files to include in the theme.

To access the following commands, right-click a theme in the Gallery:


Deletes the current selection. If multiple objects are selected, all will be deleted. In most cases, a confirmation question appears before objects are deleted.

The object is either physically deleted from the data carrier or the object display is removed, depending on context.

If you choose Delete while in the Gallery, the entry will be deleted from the Gallery, but the file itself will remain untouched.


Enables a selected object to be renamed. After selecting Rename the name is selected and a new one can be entered directly. Use the arrow keys to set the cursor at the beginning or end of the name to delete or add to part of the name or to reposition the cursor.


Updates the view in the window or in the selected object.


The Properties of (Theme) dialog contains the following tabs:


The General tab page lists the general properties of the current theme.


Adds new files to the selected theme.


Opens a submenu in the Gallery where you can choose between Copy and Link. The selected Gallery object is either copied into the current document or a link is created.


If you have selected an object in your document, then a new insertion will replace the selected object.


The element selected is displayed in the Gallery at maximum size. Double-click the preview to switch back to the normal Gallery view.

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